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Kiss of Heaven

I will be starting a new series on my blog called PLAYGROUND. Basically, it’s a collection of my childhood memories told in snippets and short anecdotes. Someday, I would want my future children to read all about my wonderful childhood—-how I grew up as a happy kid, filled with much love from my family = ) As my buena mano for PLAYGROUND and in lieu of the rainy season, let me share with you a few of my childhood rainy day memories.

Rainy day = dance in the rain

Even before Sarah Geronimo popularized the “Rain Dance”,as a child we were already doing it. But unlike Sarah whose main purpose is to stop the rain with her dance, we would wish that it would rain harder so we can play and literally dance in the rain! Growing up in the lush greeneries of Los Banos, children playing in the rain is but a normal sight! The minute I hear the pitter-pattering of raindrops on our roof, I would immediately rush outside to welcome the sweet kisses of rain on my face. Then a game of tag and "basaan ng balde ng tubig" with my sister, sometimes with our helpers and our kapitbahays will begin. To make the experience even more fun, we would usually plug in our hose and just spray water on everyone. Talk about wasting water! hahaha Anyway, we were children and it made the experience more memorable!

Singing = Rain

I grew up slightly believing that when you sing off-tune or if your voice is not too nice , it will rain. Blame it on our yaya’s colorful imagination! 

Bangkang papel/Paper boats

Paper boats are must-haves during the rainy season. My sister and I used to create as many paper boats as we can from old newspapers and Panorama magazines. Sometimes we even compete as to whose boat would have the "pinakamagandang fold". I think my boats were always the less meticulous ones. I get so impatient with anything associated with paper folding. My creases were usually carelessly made. Anyway, we would always look for a canal where we would let our boats go and imagine that they were going on an adventure. On hindsight, i just hope it didn’t clog our drainage system =P

Brownout always comes after a heavy downpour.

For some reason back then, brownouts usually occur during or after a heavy rain shower in our little town. When this happens, we would often go out on our mini porch and sing to our hearts content to pass the time! Our usual song: “Pumapatak na naman ang ulan” by APO, but of course! I sing with my sister, sometimes with mom, too. If not on the porch, we would all snuggle together in bed and sing at the top of our lungs our favorite songs—I think “rain,rain, go away” was one of them = )

I hate raincoats!

I hate raincoats with a passion! You see I hate the idea of getting wet.period. (except if i’m intentionally playing in the rain, then that’s a different story!). Alas, raincoats are the “in” thing when I was small. I remember mine was colored blue and I really,really hated it. Not because i don’t like the color or anything but because I still felt wet underneath. Off we go to school on our raincoats and our feet making a big wet mess on our school floors. Plus, the thought of removing my wet raincoat was mortifyingly a big hassle for me because I always ended up getting wet no matter how carefully i removed it . 

Sweaters and coats are my favorite things!

Ahhh…but on the other hand, sweaters, coats, and jackets I ABSOLUTELY love..until now. In my eyes, people look cuter and cozier with their rainy outfits on. I used to own a white, furry winter coat given by my pop. I remember getting all excited every time dark clouds appeared or if the weather was slightly cooler than the normal temperature because it only meant that I get to wear my beautiful white coat. It didn’t matter at all if I was perspiring underneath because I felt great wearing it! Too bad, I never had a chance to keep it. It would have been nice to have saved it for my future daughter.

It looked a little bit something like this, except it has a hood and a furry brown lining in the button area. (Mom if you’re reading this, maybe we didn’t really give it away? Baka, it’s just stucked somewhere in our cabinets. Let’s find it!! heheh)

Life is so much sweeter with my Father, Jesus Christ.
That's why I've devoted this place for the simple things that make me smile. Because at the end of the day,there's really no reason why I can't be happy. After all, I already have everything I need for joy with my Master.

This is princess wife, and welcome to my happy place!



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